Together we have already: reduced the rate of blindness globally and eliminated blinding trachoma in dozens of districts in Ethiopia. Now, the projected increase of global blindness requires that we come together again.

Tsehay is an integrated eye care worker who received training in the Gamo Gofa zone in Ethiopia. She now treats people in her local community for trachoma, and carries out surgeries to treat the late stage of the blinding disease.

 "I was very sick when I was little, and nurses took care of me – that’s why I wanted to become a nurse. It was my childhood dream.” 

Larisha and her grandmother both received life-changing cataract surgery. With their vision restored they no longer require a daily caregiver, allowing for Larisha's mother to return to teaching. Larisha is excited to go back to school and pursue her dream of becoming a pilot.

Before treatment 6-year-old Criscent could barely make out his family members' faces due to blinding cataracts in both eyes. After receiving surgery and being fitted for a pair of glasses, Criscent is attending school for the first time and learning to read.